Talk to me here. =]   Submit   Harrow humans, my name's Jamie, I'm 21 years old. My ambition is to make graphic novels and get involved with bands and music and design for them and just generally illustrate lots and lots and one day have my own illustration studios and work with awesome illustrators! xD Because let's face it, that sounds fun. I also write sometimes and have been working on a fantasy novel, currently in hiatus, for many years. Not much of that can be found here though, this blog is really just for silly things I find funny, cute, cool and generally just for me to enjoy. =]

Caaakez. xD <3 Mi madre bought me thee Tardis one, y mi other madre made me le chocolate one. =] CAAAKE. <3 SO MUCH CAKE. <3

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    xD Thank you very much!
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    Those are lovely cakes! Happy birthday!